Hi there! 👋🏻

My name is Luke, and I'm a junior full-stack developer based in Toronto.

I've been coding for 3 years now, ever since I began my undergraduate studies. During my free time, I love experimenting with new frameworks/concepts and figuring out how design systems can help businesses create amazing user experiences.

Right now, my priority is learning how to ship full-stack web applications using TypeScript and NextJS. I'm also working on improving my Figma skills, as I enjoy tinkering with mockups and UI components.

Programming Languages




Full Stack Developer Intern @MIR Digital Solutions

01/2022 - 08/2022

  • In a team of 3, create a streamlined internal ticketing system that improved task assignment and invoice management. Used Microsoft PowerApps Portal, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.
  • Collaborated with a designer to overhaul half of the company's branding website, achieving a 27% reduction in page downtime and an average Lighthouse score of 90+. Implemented using Next.js, Bootstrap, and CSS.
  • Developed several user-friendly web forms that increased user engagement and time spent on the website by 2%, resulting in a more positive user experience. Utilized React Hook Form and Yup.